Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hotel Reservation

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Introduction to Reservation

We are familiar with this term of reservation and have heard it when we book a hotel or any other things. The first thing we do is reservation. In other term’s reservation is defined as a “Mutual deal between the guest and hotel authorities who are taking the booking from them” Booking for hotel rooms are accepted by the authorities from various sources. They take the reservation from the guest, process it then document it and again retrieve the information when guest arrive to their hotel.
Reservation helps hotel management to maintain a perfect control over the bookings and helps in firming the strategies and policies. It helps in smooth running of the business and add profit in it. In huge hotels, the front office section area is well equipped with required accessories and equipment’s so that they can give better service to the guest and handle them with ease. This section of the hotel is mainly looked after by receptionists.
Front office section not only books room for the guest, but also looks after the matter that effects reservation, these factors are:

Over booking
Reservation amendment
Nowadays all these matters are solved through computer system making the work of receptionist a bit easier.

1.2.2 Introduction to Reservation

Reservation is termed as a process of booking rooms in advance with the hotel, so that they can stay in that hotel during their time of visit without any problems. Now, it
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