Advantages And Disadvantages Of Human Computer Interaction

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Abstract As the world continues to develop, technology continues to evolve and more people try to engage themselves into this technology. Many have established good interaction between these technologies but others have bad interaction in to this technology. This paper aims to show the different causes why there are good and bad interaction and can this interaction can affect the work and quality especially in business factors. Interaction serves building blocks to have a good quality of output in work and also very critical one if it fails. This paper aims to show what may happen if this interaction failed to address and how can it be addressed Human Computer Interaction: boon or bane? Humans interact with computers in many ways, the interaction between computers and humans are crucial because it play a role on how good humans work with computers. From desktop applications, internet browsing, system designing and others that require human computer interaction need good skills in handling and working with computers. An important facet of HCI is the securing of user satisfaction. Because Human…show more content…
Good behavior towards computers and technology are essential because it improves the quality and efficiency of work. People tend to work with positive attitudes and exert maximum effort towards work. While a bad interaction toward computers and modern technology leads to poor performance and can have a serious threat within the business. People with bad interaction in computers feel anxiety towards this technology for the fear of breaking it or committing mistakes in operating this technology. This feeling prohibit the ability of man to think clearly thus making mistakes. Others, who are conservative in nature, refuse to work with computers and other technology because they prefer more the traditional rather than the

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