Advantages And Disadvantages Of Human

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Humans are the most perfect creature created by God (Allah SWT) Almighty, which is endowed with reason and mind, perfection for walking as well as the ability to communicate and speak and distinguishes man from other creatures on the face of the earth. Increasing human population on earth cause migration of human to various places that are separated by a distance, while man is a social creature who needs another man around, which is defined as the perception of sociological beings, cannot live alone, because every human being (individually) each have advantages and disadvantages as well as other individuals in need, to be able to cover each other, which raised a motivation for fellow man can be in love with one another without questioning differences in skin color, race, ethnicity, or physical differences. The proportion of balanced in the sense of balancing between the presence of self-love and another man in love with a fellow by limiting the appointment of a love mutual interests among fellow human beings in the teachings of Islam, described in Al-Qur,anul Kharim surah Ar Rum verse: 21, a member of settings that every human being was created to live in pairs, to complement each other and divide possessed by each individual. God 's Word is read, as follows: "And among the signs of his power is that he created for you wives of your kind alone, so you tend to be and feel at ease to him, and made him a sense of love and saying. Verily in this is really the Fab signs that
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