Advantages And Disadvantages Of Human Rights In Democracy

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 The protection of human rights promotes patriotism amongst the citizens. The protection of human rights is an important aspect for the people are the key to developments and other things. This also creates a peaceful environment for the government to function and not worry about revolutions by the citizens.  Democracies tend to discourage abuse of power. This form of government calls for separation of power amongst the government. It divides its powers amongst the arms of the government which are judiciary, executive and legislature. Apart from preventing abuse of power, it also promotes cooperation and unity amongst the government bodies.  When a state uses democracy as its political system, it tends to have certain levels of calmness.…show more content…
This division creates an issue where the rule of law is slowed down. This means that since the power has been shared, the president is not the only person who can make decisions alone. This chain of command at times has proved to be irrelevant for critical issues at times are slowed down. This leads to slow implementation of rules and regulations.  Abuse of human rights: Democracy is the common political system that is being used around the world. Since its main aim is to protect the human rights at times that is not the case. Due to illiteracy and lack of understanding in most 3rd world countries, the leaders tend to abuse their human rights.  The greatest disadvantage of democracy is the creation of ethnical politics. Democracy has created ethnical politics which is politics but with different views mainly brought about by ethnicity. In 3rd world countries the aftermath of ethnical politics have been seen. In Kenya 2007-2008 ethnical politics was witnessed and people saw the fatal consequences that accompany it, where many lives were lost and property destroyed. This is the greatest hindrance to a country’s development. There are other forms of political systems apart from democracy that have been used before and others that are in play till today. They

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