Why Use Hydropower

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Hydropower is the power derived from the gravitational force of flowing water in rivers and lakes. The motion of the water is converted into mechanical energy which activates a turbine that turns on a generator to produce electricity. Conventional hydroelectric energy is generated by building a dam or artificial reservoir, but hydropower can also be captured by run-of-the-river facilities, which transform the kinetic energy in rivers or streams without needing to build large dams.

Why use Hydropower?

Hydropower is a clean source of energy as it does not produce air emissions or waste products because the water is not consumed during the electrical production and can still can be reused for other purposes.
When using a regulated water source, hydropower is more adaptable to fluctuating energy demands; the water flow, and therefore power generation,
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TECNOSOL designs, sells and installs renewable energy systems and equipment in Nicaragua, and more recently El Salvador, Panama and Honduras. The company specifically caters to the needs of the rural population but sells and installs thermal solar systems in urban zones as well.

TECNOSOL provides energy solutions to poor families with no previous access to power, as well as to schools and hospitals which are not connected to the main electricity grid. The Company’s operations generate significant social impact by providing people with essential, effective and affordable means to improve their everyday lives.

Solar energy has the potential to reach and benefit the most vulnerable communities, because it is cheaper, faster and safer than conventional power or heat generation. The investment required is comparatively modest; the systems are set up for individual, autonomous use and therefore not dependent on large infrastructure such as distribution grids, which are non-existent in many remote

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