Advantages And Disadvantages Of ICT

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In past decades the ICT (Information Communication Technology) is fastly developed and impacts of society i.e. IT society. These ICT application used in various organization and institutions. Most of the libraries are used ICT application they can easily provide knowledge or information to the users. In present times emerged digital libraries, various academic institution published project report, thesis and articles etc. The digital library help these institution repositories collection, organized, managed and specific information dissimilate. Some digital library projects are developed in national and international level with the goal of developing universal digital library.

Most of the information is generate in digital
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A crucial part of this definition is that the information is managed. A stream of data sent to earth from a satellite is not a library. The same data when organized systematically becomes a digital library.” William Arms

According to the Digital Library Federation (DLF, USA -
( ), "Digital libraries are organizations that provide the resources, including the specialized staff, to select, structure, offer intellectual access to, interpret, distribute, preserve the integrity of, and ensure the persistence over time of collections of digital works so that they are readily and economically available for use by a defined community or set of communities".

Advantages of Digital Libraries
 The digital collection is accessed through the internet and other media (Hard disk, DVD, CD-ROM). They can easily access anywhere and anytime.
 User can be access multiple type of information at a simultaneously.
 They can group of libraries are sharing of information with appropriate protocols and large number of digital information provide to the users.
 All the digital information is preservation with the help of hardware and software.
 The digital libraries are helpful all type of education for both formal and informal
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It builds collections with effective full-text searching and metadata-based browsing facilities that are attractive and easy to use. Moreover, they are easily maintained and can be augmented and rebuilt entirely automatically. The system is extensible: software “plugins” accommodate different document and metadata types the aim of the Greenstone software is to empower users, particularly in universities, libraries, and other public service institutions, to build their own digital libraries. The latest version of the software is 2.62 released on October 2005. Interfaces available for the Greenstone digital library software: the four “core” languages English, French, Spanish, and Russian. The Greenstone “Collector” is an interactive subsystem for managing and accessing

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