Advantages And Disadvantages Of IDEO

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IDEO Exceeds word limit IDEO is an international design and innovation consulting firm founded in 1991.IDEO provides product development and branding services for a large number of clients including 3M, Acer, Coca-Cola, ConAgra, Ford, Intuit, Marriott, Microsoft, Sony, Target, Toyota, Visa, Walgreens and many more. Examples of their projects include Apple’s first mouse, the Palm V, and Steelcase’s leap Chair. They currently employ more than 600 people in a wide range of disciplines that include behavioural sciences, communication design, digital design, education, electrical engineering, industrial design, organizational design, and software engineering. Their three major global…show more content…
IDEO’s most significant weakness centres around the fact that IDEO is spread across many different sectors of the economy, as seen above through a partial list of clients, as well as across several continents, as seen above through the list of office locations. While there is strength in diversification, the lack of focus and extremely broad approach can also be a weakness if resources are spread too thin or the company branches out too far beyond its core competencies. While IDEO has done a remarkable job in scaling its culture of creativity and innovation and reframing its business strategies to support a significantly larger multinational company, there have been growing pains and leadership must be aware of the issues in order to continue to nurture a healthy…show more content…
IDEO employees have started a regular habit of writing and filming ideas and solutions, and with the advent of their public help site,, others can join to offer solutions and suggest challenges. Supporting and requiring this kind of organic communication will be healthy for the organization and may strengthen the connections among people working across the globe. Every employee should be afforded time to create and review these types of documents in order to help keep people connected and

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