Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine Analysis

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What is IT? Most frequently used term now days. In this chapter we are going to learn many concept of IT. IT=Information + Technology So when the information is generated and disseminated by using technology that is called IT. Computers are used now for storing and sharing the data in organization. Data is represented in bits in computers. Computers have developed slowly and gradually so these phases are divided into various generations of computers. There is also different kind of computers for different purposes for example supercomputer, mainframe, PCs etc. IT is used in businesses now for improving the operations, speeding up communication, cutting cost etc but there is also some challenges like huge cost and risk, employees de- motivation…show more content…
With the methodical design of his Analytical Engine, Babbage meticulously established the basic principles on which today’s computers work. The Analytical Engine was capable of performing all four arithmetic operations as well as comparison. It had a number of features startlingly similar to those in today’s electronic computers. He included the concept of central processor, storage area, memory and input output devices in his design. The two revolutionary innovations incorporated in the Figure 1.6 Analytical Engine were comparisons and modification of stored information. The first innovation enabled the machine to compare quantities and then decide which of the instruction sequences to follow. The second permitted the results of a calculation to change numbers and instructions already stored in the machine. Owing to the lack of technology of the times, Analytical Engine was never built. Its design remained conceptual. See Figure 1.6 of Babbage’s Analytical Engine and Figure 1.7 Charles Babbage (The Father of Modern

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