Advantages And Disadvantages Of IVR

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Disadvantages of IVRS IVR or rather interactive voice response can be defined as a technology which computers interact with humans through voice. Most companies’ use IVRs in their customer care departments.IVRs are commonly used by most companies. This is because they are quite affordable compared to other customer care service methods. In addition, they also use IVRs to help reduce traffic in their respective call center departments. Interactive voice response systems help customers find answers to their queries without any human help. As much as these systems are able to serve many customers at the same time, there are some questions which IVR machines cannot answer. Furthermore; there are some people who don’t like talking to machines. They find it offensive. There are many disadvantages associated with IVRs which make both people and companies dislike them. It is very frustrating to listen to many multiple phone menus without getting any help. Isn’t it? It is very difficult to come up with a perfect IVR operating system. Here are some disadvantages of using an Interactive voice response system: Long Menus There are some IVR systems which have long menus. This not only confuses customers, but also damages the reputation of a brand. Most experts recommend that a perfect IVR system should have a maximum of 4 menus. This makes it easy for customers to remember previous options. Irrelevant information There are some cases where someone would like to ask certain information
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