Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ict Use In Education

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On the other hand, the limitation of ICT use in education is related to student behaviour. Appropriate use of computer and the internet by students have significant positive effects on students’ attitude and their achievement. Unfortunately, it is very common nowadays to see that the students misuse the teachnology for leisure time activities and have less time to learn and study. Instead of using the computer provided for their studies and online tests, they get distracted to visit social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Twitter. Yousef and Dahmani (2008) described online gaming, use of face book, chat rooms, and other communication channels as perceived drawbacks of ICT use in education, because, students easily switch to these sites at the expense of their study. Internet access at home, for instance, may be a distraction because of chat rooms and online games, reducing the time spent in doing assignments and learning (Kulik, 1994). As a result the students would be too engrossed on playing games or visiting social networking sites. This situation would result in lower academic grades. As a solution, teacher should always monitor the students when they use the computers. It is essential since the students should focus in the lesson and do only whatever has been asked to by using the computer. They should explore the computer at home and give chance to other students who also need to use it. In the meantime, the teacher can use books as a resource to
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