Advantages And Disadvantages Of In Service Training

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With the beginning of the third millennium A.D., advances in technologies, and profound and rapid changes in the work environments, one of the main preoccupations of managers in the present century is the training and development of human resource, and training is the most important tool of the development of human resource. Staff through this training acquires essential abilities and develops their capabilities and learns the required skills (Danesh-Fard, 2008).
The philosophy of training and improvement of human resource in an organization indicates the role and importance of in-service training. Organizations that look at training with a positive view, found that live in a world of lack of skills. The organizations themselves are convinced that training is an investment. By identifying the weaknesses and disadvantages of in-service training can be created essential fields to continuously improve training programs, enhance the process of the implementation of such courses, specify the amount of achieving the target goals for the program, prevent deviations and defects, and present the appropriate solutions to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of executive agents involved in programs (Ya 'qubi et al., 2011).
In-service training is one of the ways to ensure the continuing training. It plays a very important role in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of human resource. In addition, it counts as a key factor in increasing staff 's career success,

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