Advantages And Disadvantages Of Indian Caste System

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India is known for the diversity of the Caste System with different languages, different religious traditions, practices and a system of beliefs. The Caste System is very important part of the Hindu tradition because it is a historically important aspect into which people live in India, follow different religions, tribes, languages and belief. Nowadays, there are so many sub-caste systems in India. Caste identity is determined based on social status, given the rank based on hierarchical order and social stratification of the caste system. Caste identity is also associated with social advantage or disadvantage depending on the position occupied by a particular caste in the hierarchy (Joseph and Selvaraj). This topic describes the origin and development of the caste system in India; however, it creates impact into current Hinduism with some advantages and disadvantages.
The Caste system had originated in India approximately thousands of years ago. The beginning of the caste system in India is based on different theories. Theories like religious theories, biological theories and social-mythological theories. The religious theories describe how the four Varnas were
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Caste system creates the differences, injustices and disabilities among the people. Higher castes takes all advantages and rule over the lower caste negatively. Higher caste never touch, create any physical contact and adopt the occupation with the lower caste people (Untouchable) (Shudras). So, the lower caste people feel the depression and are always insulted by the upper caste that always treat lower caste as lesser human beings. Nowadays, the caste system divided into many groups and follow their own tradition so it creates conflict between them. The caste system creates the political wars because higher castes contain all the position and power and always make law in favor of them. The country cannot take any advantages from the caste

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