Advantages And Disadvantages Of Indian Civilization

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Indian civilization is the civilization that came from the Indus Valley around the year 1300 to the year 3300 BC. Civilization is also known as the Bronze Age Civilization which is situated in the vicinity of the Indus River Basin. This civilization is known for some aspects of the social, cultural, religious and so on. Indian civilization starts from the Indian subcontinent and develop beberapasapek also includes the religion and philosophy, art and culture and more.
Terletakdiantara geographical Persian Civilization Indian Civilization and Civilization in China include two parts, Indo-Aryan, based in North India and the Dravidian based in South India. Public Indo-Aryan language of Sanskrit and believe the book into four types; Book Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva that reflect the thoughts, beliefs, practices and community life. Meanwhile, the Dravidian Tamil language as the language used. They are influenced by the teachings of Saivism and Maisanavisme which affected its thoughts beliefs and practices.

Indian civilization is divided into two major categories based on the language of Indo-Aryan located in North India and the Dravidian located in South India.
1. System family
Families formed to get the support of friends, both physically and spiritually and to obtain offspring and descendants. Women had limited freedom of parents when their child before marriage and after marriage they are under the custody of her husband. Ekkeluargaan

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