Advantages And Disadvantages Of Industrialization

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Naina Manocha World History II A2 2/26/18 The greatest impact of industrialization The greatest impact of industrialization is the technological advances that improved people 's efficiency. There are many advantages and disadvantages to industrialization. Industrialization affected the world in many ways and our world today wouldn 't be as advanced as it is if these previous technological inventions hadn 't been created. The efficacy in people 's working habits increased and many people benefited from these technological advances however, some negative aspects came out of it as well. The greatest impact of industrialization is the technological advances because whether positively or negatively, they affected the rest of the world and influenced the future. The many advantages that come with industrialization that factor in technology are advances in factory technology. This led to more people working more efficiently. Advances in textiles made it faster to make cloths and threads. The invention of the flying shuttle made it possible to weave faster on a loom which enabled the weavers to double their input. Bringing workers to the machines to organize their labor collectively in factories was much more efficient because they were the sources of power for these new machines. The steam engine was also one of the many technological advances that was invented. The steam engine could pump water from mines three times as quick as other engines which allowed coal to be taken from
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