Advantages And Disadvantages Of Informal Communication

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‘The human spirit must prevail over technology’. – Albert Einstein With advancement of technology and popularity of applications like WhatsApp for communication at work place, many organizations face challenges in framing their communication related policies at work. While formal and hierarchical forms of communication are more authentic, it is the informal mediums of communication like WhatsApp that actually help in creating a bond between employees thereby having an impact on their productivity. The paper gives insights into the growth of this powerful application and the advantages and disadvantages they could have on employee productivity Introduction With the growing popularity of smart phones, there has been a dramatic shift in internet…show more content…
Most informal communication at the workplace takes place through these relaxed tools (Cross, 2002). Some times free and open discussions play an important role for productivity as creative energies are released better in an informal environment. Particularly during the process of knowledge management, skills are transferred effectively and management of knowledge becomes easier through the use of Social Media Applications like WhatsApp. This phenomenon can lead to behaviors that are discretionary and spontaneous that allows continuous scope for experimentation. The information shared through these informal networks is essential to organizational effectiveness. This could also lead to a flow of healthier communication to resolve more complex employee related issues (Gravili, 2010). In many cases this type of communication is also cost effective in

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