Advantages And Disadvantages Of Informed Consent

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Informed consent involves the legal and ethical right of clients to a proposed procedure that gives them the ability to make autonomous decisions about the process (p 154). Through informed consent, the client becomes an active participant understanding of the facts, risks and benefits, involved therapeutic process. Informed consent is ideally taken in written form so it is documented and defines boundaries between the therapist and client that clarify the counseling relationship, along confidentiality. If the therapist fails to provide this informed consent process it put them at risk in facing both legal and ethical problems. Informed consent recognizes an individual 's right to freedom, autonomy, and dignity. Two Informed consent forms…show more content…
I believe that through the inability to provide sufficient information about the overall therapeutic goal, the form denies to present he client with information about the outcomes of the treatment, release of information, length of therapy, and the fees involved. It is very important that this information be presented so that the client can comprehend whether this is the correct therapy for them and that this aligns with their goals. it clearly and rationally. However, this article did have some strengths in discussing the strengths by addressing confidentiality, and the limitations, form of appropriate communication, audio and taping procedures, risks and benefits, along with appropriateness and the referral…show more content…
This informed consent goes in-depth of the counseling services that are expected to be received. when discussed among the counselor will enable the client gets to ask questions and be engaged in a dialogue or discussion with the therapist. This enables the therapist to evaluate whether or not the person has the capacity to understand the information and is competent to make an informed decision regarding his/her healthcare and treatment or other occurrences. Another strength that this article provided was the client initial and the end of each section described which is designed to ensure that the client has fully read and engaged themselves in reading the document. This shows that the therapist strives to reveal the client 's rights as an individual, along with their

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