Advantages And Disadvantages Of International Migration

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When one thinks of migration, they usually think of people moving out of one country and into another, but that is actually called international migration. There is also something called internal migration, and that is when people migrate within one geopolitical entity. So they just migrate across state borders, and are not actually leaving the country. this is called inter-state internal migration.India, is a prime example of this misconception. When people think of Indian migration, they think of all the male workers, and all the people working in the labour force. Especially in a country like the UAE. But even though, the total of international migrants from India, has risen up to 10 million people, it is less than 5% of all the immigration…show more content…
In Indian culture, when a woman gets married, she must then move to the house of her new husband. So if you think about it, every single married woman in India, moves either a long or short distance. So all women end up migrating. Also, when a woman is looking for a spouse, she wants one with a good quality job, and one that can support his family, and since all of theses types of men live in urban areas, that is where they end up moving. And in turn, the man has a higher chance of getting a bride if he lives in the city, so that is where he goes. in total, 56 % of all migration, happens because of marriage. Large cities put out advertising, promising a better lifestyle, that pulls even more people in. So, due to all these factors, slowly and steadily, the population in urban areas keeps getting higher and higher. Here is a chart with all the reasons for migrating in proportion to migrants. India holds 1.252 billion people, that is more than 17.5 % of the total world population. As of 2014, 67.95% of those people, live in rural areas. Which is 2% less than in 2010. The rate of decrease in rural population is almost 2%. The rural population has decreased in the last 5 years more than in the past 9. This graph shows the decrease in population since

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