Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet Advertising

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There are numerous channels and media that offer you the opportunity to get the best in Internet advertising strategy.
To understand how it works, how it develops and grows Web advertising is vital.

Internet advertising
To clarify starting from the basics, the Internet advertising also known as Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing, Web Marketing or Online Marketing.

The term “Internet Advertising or Advertising Web” refers to a set of digital tools that can be used to submit a proposal to different groups of target persons (public or hearings).
It allows us to introduce our brand, product or service and persuade your purchase, consumption or use, millions of people located around the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It is obvious that the Internet affects our lives in every
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These advantages are enormously appealing to all those who are able to take advantage of this new trend in advertising.

Disadvantages of Internet Advertising
Now let’s talk about some of its disadvantages.
• Slow Internet connections can cause navigation difficulties. If you build too complex or too large websites, it will take a long time for users to view your proposal, they get bored and leave.
• Electronic commerce (or E-Commerce) does not allow the user to "touch" the merchandise before buying it (because of this, many vendors are offering guarantees to return the product).
• Another factor is the payment: many users are still wary of electronic payment methods and therefore forego buying online.
• Disadvantage may be the lack of user confidence due to promotions that seem suspicious. This is an aspect that deteriorates the image and reputation affecting even honest companies.
• The system of payment on delivery of the product, no longer guaranteed purchase
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