Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet Of Things

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Internet of Things (IoT) Internet of Things (IoT) is the proposed development of the Internet where everyday objects have a network connection, which allows them to send and receive data. The internet of things extends web connectivity beyond typical instruments like desktop and laptop computer, smart phones and tables to a various range of devices and everyday things that make use of embedded technology to keep in touch and interact with the external atmosphere, all through the internet There is a few illustration object that can be categorize into the scope of internet of matters; connected security systems, thermostats, cars, electronic home equipment, lights in household and industrial environments, alarm clocks, speaker systems, vending machines and more. Figure…show more content…
That disadvantage is break of privacy, over-reliance on technology and the loss of job. Because of the data being transmitted, the risk of losing privacy and safety are increasing. Even through there are securities measures are taken to protect the information that have been transmitted into the internet, there also having a possibility of hackers to breaking into the system and stole the data. And then release the information to the public. Even the highest level of security that provide by government also easily breached. Also, some companies can be misuse the information that they are given access to and the information was beneficial to them. Other disadvantages of IoT are the over-reliance on technology. Our generation have been change following the time change; they are grown up with the viability of the internet and technology. Too much dependency on the internet to make a decision will cause obliteration. We can see that there are many problems occur because of the internet. It depends on the amount of the individual information given that can be detrimental if the system was
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