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The Advantage and Disadvantage of professional islamic prictitioner Disadvantage Nowadays, most of the countries in the world has adopting islamic financial in their accounting because of many benefit and justice. However, there also have disadvantage of professional prictitioner in islamic financial. There are a few disadvantage of professional islamic prictitioner in islamic financial: 1. Inland Bill Purchase/Foreign Bill Purchase : This is another problem of Islamic Bank where the exporters immediately after export of the goods approach to the bank for fund before maturity of the bills to meet their daily needs. Here the Bank has to deploy billions of Taka each year but how and on what mode of investment ? The Bank can not take anything by providing fund to the exporter except collection fee for collection of the Bill, which is very poor. 2. Unfamiliarity with the Islamic Banking System The first problem, is that despite the growth of Islamic banks over the last 30 years, many people in the Muslim and non-Muslim world do not understand what Islamic banking actually is. The basic principle is clear, that it is contrary to Islamic law to make money out of money and that wealth should accumulate from trade and ownership of real assets. However, there does not appear to be a single definition of what is or not an Islamic-banking product; or there is not a single definition of Islamic banking. A major issue here is that it is the Shariah Councils or Boards at individual

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