Advantages And Disadvantages Of Joint Family

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Introduction Questions 1. Could you show me your identification card please? Yes, sure Sir/ Madam. Here is my passport. 2. Could you tell me your full name please? I am Munish Sharma. 3. What shall I call you? You can call me Munish. 4. Does your name have any special meaning? Yes, my name has a meaning. It means Lord of the Lords. 5. Where do you come from? I am from Amritsar. 6. Tell me something about your hometown? My hometown is Amritsar. It is known as the Holy City. It is the tourist hub of my country. People from all over the world throng the city to visit places of historic and religious interest like Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, Wagah Border etc. The city…show more content…
There are no elder people in the family to inculcate moral and traditional values in the children. 22. What are the advantages and disadvantages of joint family? In joint family there is lack of privacy and freedom. Sometimes certain decisions are taken by elders and imposed on the children. But the best part of living in a joint family is that a person can learn from the experiences of the elder people in the family. Elders are there to teach family values to the youngsters. 23. Which is your favorite color? I like red. 24. Why do you like this particular color? I like red because it is the color of love, passion and courage. I like wearing this color because it enhances my personality. 25. Do you think colors reflect a persons’ personality? I personally feel that the choice of colors reveal certain aspects of a person’s personality. People who are ambitious, lively and energetic like bright colors and people who are content like light and sober colors. 26. Do you read newspaper? Yes, I read a newspaper every morning. 27. Which newspaper do you read? I read The Hindustan Times. It carries news from all over the world. The language is simple and easy to

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