Advantages And Disadvantages Of Jordan Migration

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Migration is when a person changes his or her location for various reasons; some reasons are political such as war and some are environmental such as flooding and earthquakes or economic and social reasons such as jobs, education and health facilities. There are two ways to migrate, either internal which is to move within the country, or international which is to move to another country or another continent. And migration is also divided into four categories, they are: voluntary, involuntary, temporary and permanent. Voluntary migration is when the person has a choice, reasons for voluntary are for better jobs, higher wages, better education and more health facilities. Involuntary (forced migration) is when there is no choice in the matter, they have to move or they would face hardship and death, they now are called refugees not migrants, reasons for this are civil war and natural disasters. Temporary is when u move only for a certain period for example seasonal migrants. Permanent migrants are who move and do not come back. A conflict between the demonstration and the government has…show more content…
Some problems that Jordan refugees are going through due to their large numbers are lack of water and food supplies. No contact with the outer or inner world, they don’t know what going on back home or anywhere in the world and even inside Jordan. Not enough schools to educate their children only 20% of the children go to school, there are only 3 schools and it contains 16,000 students. No jobs for them, hundreds of the refugees started their own businesses selling different things like semi-automatic washing machines or opened a salon for cutting hair or baked fresh pastries and ground coffee. High rates of diseases and not enough medical care, in the camp there are many mosquitoes that carry diseases and any type of contagious disease can spread easily. Jordan’s money isn’t enough for their people and the

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