Advantages And Disadvantages Of Kfc

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 Trading fairly Fair trade is where; business should approved on in an open manner. Kfc Company is carried out in an open manner. The competition held on the basis that be on an equal footing for all parties. Therefore Kfc Company will have to make sure their competitors are kind of equal for them to enter with. This means not exploiting poor countries. Consumers can feel secure that the goods and services they are buying from Kfc Company are going to be of satisfactory quality. Therefore KFC will have to make sure their goods meet the standards for trading fairly.  Provision of education and health care. When we taking about health care and education, Kfc company should provide all the facilities which are needed for health and…show more content…
So managers of Kfc Company they have the ethical pressure as they have to make sure they are engaged in a moral and also on the right track. The benefits to the KFC when the moral response is that they are doing business the right way and follow the laws and regulations. The disadvantage of KFC moral response is that it would be difficult for them to be on top of morality. • Implementing ethical practices Some well-known names have begun to implement the moral position on the issues that affect us all. For example, working with consumer walker’s change in their mind as they make changes to their products. So it would be KFC to bear in mind the welfare of consumers when making products. The benefits to the KFC Company’s is that they can make products with the fact to meet the needs of consumers. The disadvantage of the KFC is that they have to bear in mind what consumers will think of their products, and that can be benefit them. Stakeholder is anyone with an interest in a business. Stakeholders are individuals, groups or organizations that are directly affected by the activity of the business can be internal and…show more content…
A company without customers will not able to attempt for their goals, qualified works, high quality of raw materials proper production, a loss will still be made due to lack of consumers. In order for the Kfc Company to not lose their customers they should be loyal. They should make sure that they satisfy their customer with the product and services demanded by them. If a company will not do all those it will lose all its customers, with other competitors with similar services might win them. Moreover, the company should have good relationship with the customers so as to avoid false statement that may loss the company’s reputation. For example when customers starts to complain on poor service and communication provided by Kfc’s, or the cost of the services is very high, it is very easy to lose customers and they could shift to another

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