Advantages And Disadvantages Of Landfill

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1. INTRODUCTION. The landfill is the most common method for solid waste disposal and it is like other methods of treatment have advantages and disadvantages. Uncontrolled leachate and gas production are the major disadvantages as well as the public and aesthetic problems resulted from open dump solid waste disposal (Chart, 2004). Many researches were done in order to minimize the problems associated with landfill practices (Yuen, 2001). In order to improve knowledge of landfill behavior and decomposition processes of MSW, there has been a strong interest in upgrade existing landfill technology from a storage/containment concept to a process-based approach, in other words as a bioreactor landfill (Mostafa, 2002). Bioreactor is any system boosts…show more content…
Table (4, 5 and 6) describes the physiochemical characteristics of leachate generated through the study period from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reactors, respectively. The first reactor has initial pH of 4.9 and then increase slightly to 6.3 after 6 months of operation due to acid formation phase. pH value in 1st reactor kept under pH value 6.4 which is the minimum optimum value for the anaerobic digestion (Fabien, 2003). While the pH initial value in 2nd reactor was 6.07 and increased to 7.02 in two months due to the addition of 2.211 kg of Lime. In 3rd reactor the initial pH was 7.1 due to the addition of 4.422 kg lime. Lime is considered as a pH regulator due to its effect in breaking down the organic matters and neutralizes acidity (Edson,…show more content…
The SO-24 reduced significantly to 253.2 mg/l in 2nd reactor as shown in figure (7), While the effluent value from 1st and 3rd reactors was 200 mg/l and 130 mg/l. The removal efficiency of SO-24 in the 2nd reactor was 79%. The initial value of PO-34 in 3rd reactor was 24.9 mg/l and the effluent was 15.2 mg/l. the 3rd reactor removed the PO-34 efficiently with a removal efficiency of 64.3% as shown in figure (8). The decline in phosphate concentration may due to the phosphate assimilation by

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