Advantages And Disadvantages Of Language

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Language is one form of communication. It is the most frequently used and most highly developed form of human communication. As social creatures, people need to interact with their fellow human beings. People use language as a means of communication in their interaction. Language is important for human being for the communication of ideas, knowledge and intentions. Crystal (1990) asserts that an act of communication is basically the transmission of information of some kind of message from a source and a receiver. In the case of language, both of source and receiver are human, and the message is transmitted vocally, through the air, or graphically, by marks on a surface, usually paper.

Having a sophisticated knowledge of pragmatic aspects of the second language is undoubtedly an integral part of communication and interaction with the native speakers of that language. However, studies on the pragmatics of second languages indicate that learners ' realization of this dimension of the language tends to vary from each other. Sometimes languages share some certain views of pragmatic aspects, but at other times pragmatic strategies or routines are controversial among them, especially when the underlying values of the first language are intrinsically perceived to be conflicting with values applying to the second language use (Hinkel, 1996; Ishihara, 2006; LoCastro, 2001; Norton Peirce, 1995; Norton, 2000; Siegal, 1996).

1.1. Statement of the problem
In the course of the
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