Advantages And Disadvantages Of Learning Disabilities In Children

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Learning Disabilities in Children Throughout the years many children in school have been deemed erroneous, mischievous, negligent, every substandard name in the book, but have you ever wondered why some children misbehave more than others or just irrationally? Well many statistics show that children that look normal and healthy physically have underlying illnesses that aren 't recognizable to the naked eye. These illnesses are known as learning disabilities or emotional disturbances, such as ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, etc. These learning disabilities among children in schools can be a disadvantage, however, technology and research today can overcome these disadvantages and make learning easier and more effective for these children. Most of the world 's population is aware that learning disabilities exist and how some of them affect children 's ability to function correctly in certain situations, but what are learning disabilities truly? The textbook definition of learning disabilities, ¨[are] any of various disorders involved in understanding or using spoken or written language, including difficulties in listening, thinking, talking, reading, writing, spelling, or arithmetic.¨ (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition). So obviously if these disabilities affect children 's ability to do basic activities…show more content…
Though children with learning disabilities can be seen as the underdogs, mentally slow, or retarded people by society. Many children with learning disabilities can learn to face and conquer these adversities which will make them stronger human beings in the end. When people take the time to stop and look for the signs and handle them immediately when the children are in their adolescence, their learning disabilities won’t hinder them as much later in their life. With the help of teachers, parents, school psychologists, researchers and more, we can change the way mentally challenged kids are perceived and help them become good functioning
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