Advantages And Disadvantages Of Learning English Language Through Movies

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Learning English Language through Movies

Films can give you more than just entertainment. We cannot deny that the films will help us to develop our language skills. It is known that motivation in learning a new language is the most important thing, so if you focus on learning language instead of watching just for fun you will gain more skills than you could imagine. Nowadays is not surprising as this approach, due to the development of the era and the immensity of film production. This approach has proved effective and indirectly where we find many non-English speakers chanting famous phrases from known films for example, (just do your best, and take a rest ) a quote from an American movie ( Snow White 1937) , or when someone say ( winter is coming ) a quote from an American fantasy drama television series (game of thrones 2011- until now ). This way of learning English is fun, useful and offers you knowledge in a fun or easy steps, it promotes and develops many skills such as reading, writing, pronunciation, in general how we acquire the language perfectly through a modern way, and there are advantages and disadvantages of this approach.
1.1 Research Questions
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First, it starts with the definition of learning through films and TV-shows in order to give a full insight to the research subject. Then move to second point which is the procedures that must be followed to achieve the main benefit of this way, this step will help to understand the right way of using this method, for example by choosing a good movie and so on. Next step talk about the skills that you will develop whether it is reading, writing or speaking. After that, illustrate an example of successful people in this way, which proves the success of the previous step. Finally, illustrate the advantage and disadvantage of this method, and the possibility of success as official teaching
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