Advantages And Disadvantages Of Library

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Greater Efficiency: The workflow in the library may be made more rapid, more systematic and efficient with the help of computer. The records in the computerized store are more accurate, more reliable and more accessible than the manually prepared records. All sorts of housekeeping jobs and information works can be performed with more speed, accuracy and greater efficiently.
Co-operation and Resource-Sharing: No single institution however resourceful can now collect, organize all documents available all over the world even in a specific field. During the last two decades there has been an increase in co-operation and resource-sharing on the part libraries by developing computer based systems. It has two advantages:
Access to more documents and information sources due to coordination and cooperation of many libraries in a system.
Less expenditure, because the total cost is shared by a number of libraries in the system. The computer based library system, such as online computer-base library centre (OCLC) in the United States, the university of Toronto library automated system (UTLAS) in Canada and the Birmingham libraries cooperative Mechanization project (BLCMP) in the UK are functioning successfully with increasing databases and multidimensional services.
Today only computerized library can take part in computer networking and Information networks at national and international levels, it is the only way in which efficient standardized and faster service is assured, besides
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