Disadvantages Of Life Insurance Essay

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9.3. Advantages of life insurance
9.3.1. Superior saving plan:
Unlike any other savings plan, a life insurance policy affords full protection against risk of death in the event of death of a policy holder, the insurance company makes available the full sum assured to the policy holders near and dear ones in comparison, any other savings plan would amount to the total savings accumulated till date. If the death occurs prematurely such savings can be much lesser than the sum assured. Evidently, the potential financial loss to the family of the policy holders is sizable.
9.3.2. Encourage saving habits:
Life insurance encourages saving habits. Long term savings can be made in a painless manner because of the easy installment facility built into
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The improvement was driven by the advanced markets, led by the UK. The Growth in UK was based on a recovery in domestic consumption due to lower unemployment and lower than expected fiscal tightening. Growth in the US accelerated slightly to 2.4% but was held back by disruptive harsh winter conditions. The growth was also stronger (but uneven) in Western Europe. In Advanced Asia, growth slowed due to ongoing sluggishness in Japan. In contrast, the emerging markets grew at a lower aggregate rate of 401% in 2014, down from 4.6% in 2013. Many countries struggled with domestic difficulties, structural deficiencies and uncertainty about the impact of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) cutting back its quantitative easing program. Advanced countries’ equity markets outperformed their emerging market peers and government bond yields remained very low. As per the report the total direct premiums written grew by 3.7% in 2014 to USD 4778 billion after a year of stagnation in
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