Advantages And Disadvantages Of Linear And Interactive Media

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Linear and interactive media Information was the most famous word that we can hear it from people, users, but there a lot getting information and has a different types. These multimedia are the product, design that are created to make people life getting better. Only clicking and typing, people can have information without waste time to search manually. These multimedia provides an information with different type and style, such linear, non-linear and interactive multimedia. In these essay will explain about the linear and interactive media that is the different thing of sharing information also the way it presented. This task also explain the details of linear, non-linear and interactive media about the definition, advantages, disadvantages…show more content…
It explains how it works through the media and person, it is program’s output depends on the user’s output, user interact with the program such as in animation sound, video, art and text. This method require a participant of audience through websites that provide a visual communication, connecting with the user. User can learn lots of information through this interactive media because it provides a story, user can understand text and fonts, learn how to make and edit animation, video, manipulated sound digitally and details in producing digital projects. Interactive multimedia can be used in games, education, training, information, presentation and simulation. These materials can be manipulated, integrated and linked together that offers user ability to search and browse analyze through several of information as well as the capacity to personalize these…show more content…
One of the advantages is the use of interactive multimedia technology that allows users to interact, such as smartphones. Users can access and find information through systems such as web, business, explore a new information and create user mind to used interactive multimedia with intuitive in mind. User will be able to sense how to use product without having a technical issues. People are more use of interactive multimedia as their source and also parent use an interactive multimedia to teach their children. Such as a video approach children to learn basic word, numbers and shapes. All these product are available at the app on the smartphones, there a lots of product provides a several content of learning for children and kinder garden. Other than that, interactive multimedia has disadvantages such as using a game platform for learning, computer game and social media. Social media brings disadvantages to the user in performing everyday tasks such as gaming. It affects the user to spend time with family and also the source of major problems such as finance, time, household and

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