Advantages And Disadvantages Of Luxuries And Made In Italian Furniture

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3.3 Luxuries and Made in Italy Numerous companies in the luxury industry have the “Made in Italy” famous all around the world, a brand that indicates the Italian origin of the manufactured articles destined for the international market. This wide range of articles is divisible not only by product types, but also by parameters related to cost, quality, and the originality of the produced articles. Next to consumer goods, destined to fight the foreign competition by calling to those areas, design above all, that have led Made in Italy to its status in the world, such as the so-called BBF, an abbreviation for good looking and well made goods, belli e ben fatti in Italian. The most famous luxury brands, in fact, all started with the specialization of production, which favored the assertion of a brand identity associated with the idea of a unique and unmistakable style; only at a later time was the path of differentiation pursued, thanks to the achieved notoriety, which allowed the companies to widen their product range. In the Made in Italy luxury, however, companies have long since catapulted into the territory of global competition, diversifying production and implementing brand extension politics. It is definitely positive that these made-in-Italy representatives be able to generate such interest from foreign investors in a time of severe national crisis. To these criticisms or challenges that burden Italian luxury, another one must be added that involves, in general,

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