Advantages And Disadvantages Of Managing Organizational Conflict

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Managing organizational conflict is nothing but limiting the negative aspects of conflict while increasing the positive aspects of conflicts. Group outcomes can be improved through dealing with properly managed conflict.
It will have an impact on workplace, no supervisor will spend more than 25% of their time on conflict management and managers spend more than 18% of their time on relational employee conflicts. Organizational conflict may occur due to various reasons like inevitable clash between power and formal authority and those groups effected and individuals. There are disagreements among individuals, departments and unions. There are also conflicts
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We take words of managers over front-line employees or to take word of loyal employee rather than new employee, but you have to remember that your trusted colleagues are not necessarily always effective.
Standards for effective solution:
In order to identify standards for effective solution, first of all we have to explore various plans which effect positive outcome. An effective solution should showcase advantages and disadvantages of the solution. Some elements of proof which requires time, dates, places and situation staging need to be defined for finding out the details of effective solution. Through analyzing details an appropriate method can be chose to oppose an individual and then we have to put together an action plan.
Main causes of the problem:
To identify main causes of why an employee uses leadership mantra in the company, we have to distinguish between the facts and fiction of the information collected. Conflict research reveals that roots of unhealthy workplace conflict comes most often from systemic causes,
1.Lack of information:
Lack of information or knowledge in using email, newsletters , reports , staff and company meetings may raise to conflict. It will not more surprise me this phrase that “Why didn’t anybody give me that information before
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There are several advantages such as increasing personal growth and self-esteem, improves communication and producing better results for projects. However it may worse company’s reputation if is not managed properly. The challenge for project managers and organizational leaders is to maintain right balance and intensity of conflict it in project management. By using project management principles, understanding the dynamic of conflicts, and learning approaches to conflict resolution, managers will set up an environment through which creativity and innovation is encouraged and project goals are

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