Advantages And Disadvantages Of Marble

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Dimension stones
All natural stones* which can be cut to sizes, polished and used for construction purposes, are referred to as dimensional stones.,) including marble, granite and slate { m p _plant) the dimension stones basically consists of two main classes of rocks: “Calcareous material” or “Marble” comprising the whole class of carbonate rocks amenable to sawing and polishing, and “Siliceous material” or “Granite” including the whole set of eruptive rocks having granular structure and poly-mineral composition these two classes represent the large majority of „dimension stones (Ciccu et al., 2005).(paper9)

The word Marble comes from Greek word “Mamaros” which means shining stone Marble is a non-foliated, Granular Metamorphic
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These forces cause the limestone to change in texture and make-up. This process is called “re-crystallization”.(marble 9)
Marble Formula
The Marble is a carbonate rock which means it has (CO3) in chemistry.
Marble is calcium Carbonate (caCO3). 1- Calsium, 1-Carbon, 3-Oxygen{} cleaner product 4

Color of Marbles
The impurities present in the limestone during re-crystallization give marble wide variety of colors. The purest calcite marble is white Marble containing hematite (Fe2O3 )has a reddish color.
Marble that has limonite (FeO(OH) • nHO) is yellow, and marble with serpentine is green. Mg3(OH)4(Si3O5)(marbel
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It is a material used in tiles, countertops and indoor flooring. The industry’s disposal of the marble powder material, consisting of very fine powder, today constitutes one of the environmental problems around the world (Corinaldesi et al., 2010).

Extraction of marble from mine and its processing leads to generation of waste. Mining of marbel is done by blasting results in a loss of 50 % of material in the quarry,while the other is lost during processing and polishing procedures.
While marble blocks are cut by gang saws and by vertile water is used as a coolant. The marble converted to powder, flows along with water as marble slurry. Water is reused till it gets thick enough to be insoluble for marble powder. Marble cutting industries are dumping in any nearby pit or vacant spaces. This leads to serious environmental

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