Advantage And Disadvantages Of Marble

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Marble has been used tastefully since centuries. The recrystallization of carbonate minerals results in different degrees on unique patterns in veins-like format that comes in different colors. Marble isn’t really a budget-friendly material, but it can add the classy factor to your home.Marble is largely used in making sculptures, statuary, flooring, novelties, interior decoration, tabletops walkways, stairways, etc. When it comes to using marble at home or office, there are three types of marble finishes and they are hone finish, abrasive sand finish and polished finish. Below are ways you can incorporate this natural resource to your home : Marble in kitchen: Marble is mainly used as a countertop and that looks stylish and yet simple. The thicker the layer of the marble…show more content…
Since marble is porous by nature, a deep stain on it can be an issue if not wiped quickly. Polishing the marble after every few years is advised. Advantages and Disadvantages: Marble flooring known for its regal and grand appearance, making it as a style statement . It’s very sturdy in nature and comes with different finishes and is known for its versatility of its uses, from floor tiles to wall tiles and from monuments to sculptures. Marble tends to remain cool even during hot weathers, so they are a good choice for flooring and is easy to maintain. This stone is quite steep in price, the whiter the marble, the more expensive it gets. Marble is also heavy in weight, so the underlying area should be hardwearing. Marble needs attention, as tough stains can be an issue with marble, as they are absorbent. It cannot be used in highly polluted areas, it loses its shine. A note on choosing Marble pieces as furniture Be sure to take measurements. Since marble is particularly heavy and unforgiving, you’ll want to be certain that your new purchase will fit into the space before you make the effort to bring it

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