Advantages And Disadvantages Of Marxism

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Women in the contemporary labor market an increasingly holding positions of power. With equal opportunities as any other man, it could be argued that the female gender is increasingly gaining more notoriety within the modern contemporary world.
In some societies, the dominant belief is that women should be allowed to participate freely, and equally to males, in employment outside the home. In others, there is the very different view that the appropriate place for women is within the home, and they are discouraged from participating in activities outside the domestic sphere.
Despite of this the gender pay gap exists at all levels. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics 2010 data, women earn more than men in only 4 of the 111 occupations for which there is enough data to calculate gender pay comparisons. And these include jobs that keep you barely above the poverty line.
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It explains why there is such an uneven distribution of power and wealth between social classes.
Marxism helps explain conflict and change


• Marxism overlooks alternative ideas that might shape behaviour. with a focus on class conflict, other issues affecting behaviour like gender, race and individuals are not given attention.
• class struggle is not as important as Marx suggested

Opposing views
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Historically women are being the home makers whilst the men were the bread winners. Social views of the female gender -although enlightened- still vary significantly across societies and cultures.
These differences can be most clearly seen in surveys that report attitudes about gender roles. For example, the proportion of respondents in the World Values
Survey that ‘‘agree’’ with the statement that ‘‘when jobs are scarce, men should have more right to a job than women’ ’varies widely across countries, ranging from 3.6% (in Iceland) to 99.6% (in

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