Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mass Communication

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• Mass Medium Technology has made man life easier and have always given wonders. Mass communication which means communicating to the masses(public) at large at the same time, sharing of information, ideas, opinion, happening, informing and educating people, is all what is made possible by the mediums of mass communication and television being one the most powerful medium help us see and hear the world. Television bind the people at large • Domestic Medium The domestic nature of television makes it an intimate medium and has become an essential part of everyday lives. The impersonal tone and conversable language of television…show more content…
Visuals of the floods in uttarakhand, accidents on roads etc is what connects to the suffering of people. The developments, the loopholes, the news and other events takes no time to reach the television set. It transmits the information with visuals instantly moreover it also gives the live exposure to the spectators. The television allows to witness the events, which happens thousands of mile away. • Expensive Medium Broadcast media in general and television involves complex technology and organization. It involves a lot of skill and a large amount of money to setup a Television station. Setting up a station is not only enough, making of programs, their transmission and the expertise is what makes it an expensive medium. Strengths and weakness of Television Strengths: • It makes the education and information more eye-catching and vibrant. • It is the medium of communication for all, the elite, the average and the poor. • It is the medium for those who are unable to read and write, as it is composed of visual elements and visuals are composition of thousand
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