Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mass Customization

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Mass customization is an important concept in today world. It allows the companies to make value addition to their products by designing it in the manner the customers want it. There was a research survey conducted on this. The survey was conducted to understand the issues and benefits of mass customization. The study was done using a survey which was completed by a group of managers/ directors who had attended a conference on it. The study highlights about the issues faced by companies in the process of implementing this method.
It speaks about the barriers to mass customization and the reasons of the barrier. The study even highlights about how change in market leads to a problem with customization. A lot of companies
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• What were the benefits and downsides of mass customization?
• What were the issues in implementing and extending mass customization initiatives?
The article reviews about the method of survey and then it highlights on the pros and cons of it on the method of production. It even highlights on the manner the firms are using it, and the output of their efforts. This study highlights on areas like what are the benefits of mass customization and how is this method being implement by various firms. Mass customization can be done in various way, but Material Processing is more common in all forms of business. The articles also highlights on the challenges the firms are facing in implementing the various methods of mass customization in real world.
This article is based on the types of mass customization, it highlights the importance of it and explains the challenges the firms are facing with this in the real world. There was a survey conducted among the manufacturing firms, to understand about what kind of methods do they use and what is the outcome of that method. This study has enabled the author find the answer of following
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The companies were able to create demand in the market, but the lifetime of these products was less compared to 5 years back. This made a lot of people think of how can they innovate and make their products life cycle longer. The demand for customized goods was a major reason for this decline. The companies had to customize a large variety of goods and services in order meet the demand. There was lack of stability in the market for these firms. With change in taste and preference they had to change the product design. This was a very big challenge for all the companies.

2. What methods were used to provide mass customization?
There were a lot of methods used by the firms for productions, all of them were determined by the operations function. Out of all the methods, the most common methods used by the firms were- Material Processing and Assembly of Core Module. 3. What were the benefits and downsides of mass customization?
This method created a positive impact in the areas like customers and market. It also o with the needs and demands.
The downsides of this method is that, it increases the cost of the goods. Due to change in production system, there is a change in the production style also. This leads to increase in the lead time of the product.

4. What were the issues in implementing and extending
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