Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mcdonalds

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Advantage and Disadvantage In order to maximize the effectiveness of the facilities and services provided, McDonald’s engaged in a variety of technology gadgets and tools in their training programs. By using technology based training, it brings a large improvement and changes toward the company. Apart from that, the uses of technology-based training also bring along some advantages and disadvantages. In year 2007, McDonald’s which based in Japan brings in Nintendo DSi console in their training program. By applying this Nintendo DSi console, it has brought a few advantages to the employee. Among one of the advantages are the employees can bring the particulars gadget to go anywhere for their practices purposes as the size of the console is small, light and portable. Apart from that, this gadget helps employees adapt quickly to the training mode rather than applying the traditional training methods. The reason why the employees able to adapt quickly to the Nintendo DSi console is because it is a game machine which is able to draw the attention of the trainee rather than the traditional methods which are dull. Although this Nintendo DSi console brings a lot of advantages, yet it also brings some disadvantages especially towards the aged workers. Firstly, aged workers seldom use the technology device and thus cause them unfamiliar with the devices. By this causes the aged workers to take a longer time to get familiar with the operation of the device as compared to the younger

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