Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mcdonalds

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Introduction: In this project I will be discussing an array of topics relating to the franchise of McDonald’s, these titles include - Customer Needs - Menu Design - Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchising - Marketing and Management of McDonald’s I will discuss each of these titles in detail and will use tables, charts, and diagrams to emphasize the points made in this essay. Customer Needs: As a global franchise McDonalds has many different types of customers, all with different needs and wants, all living in different regions of the globe and all having different cultural and religious backgrounds. McDonalds has managed to satisfy the needs of these customers more effectively and to greater success than any other fast – food chain around the world, they do this by investigating the needs of customers from each region that they want to expand to, there are many examples of this such as in Israel where they serve the Big Mac without cheese to satisfy the kosher requirement for meat and dairy to be separate, also in India where they have introduced Vegetable McNuggets and a mutton based version of the Big Mac which is called the Maharaja Mac, these were introduced to satisfy the needs of Hindus, who do not eat beef, Muslims, who do not eat pork and Jains who do not eat meat at all. However, McDonalds has always targeted one particular type of customer – Families with young children, McDonalds has catered many of its inventions toward children such as the “Happy Meal”,
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