Advantages And Disadvantages Of Medea

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Plays like Medea have both an advantage of helping the cause of women as well as a disadvantage of hurting the cause of women. One advantage to help the cause of women would include the loyalty that some women can contain. Another advantage would be the ability of a woman to do and overcome anything she sets her mind to. A disadvantage would be how the play portrays women as heartless and deranged.
As obstacles are presented to Medea and Jason, Medea proves that she has the willpower and ability to overcome those obstacles with or without Jason 's help. Madea goes as far as completing many of Jason’s gruesome deeds. Medea knows that she will be the one with a bad reputation as word spreads over the country, but she takes the risk despite the negative outcome. Medea agrees to marry Jason even though they would spend their wedding night in a small cave. She was not interested in what Jason could do for her, but what she could do for him.
After Medea steals the Golden Fleece for Jason and marries him to escape her
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In the beginning of the story, Medea murders her little brother by chopping him up, she even allows Jason to help her. Medea sacrifices her own flesh and blood for a man that she had recently just met. Whenever someone asked Medea to murder a person for them, she did as they asked without feeling guilt. Medea revolves all of her decisions around Jason that even when she wants revenge for his betrayal, she goes as far as sacrificing their sons.
Medea is a strong, independent woman, but she allows her anger and jealousy to consume her. Love, anger, and hatred blind her, causing her to do heartless and unspeakable acts that result in many people turning away from her. This play can benefit but also harm the cause for women. If Medea had not committed murder over her husband, she would be considered a more desirable role model for the community of
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