Advantages And Disadvantages Of Media

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The word media is derived from the Latin plural form of the word medium. Media is a communication channel by means of which entertainment, news data, advertisements, ideas, or messages can be spread and conveyed. It includes both broadcasting and narrowcasting mediums such as radio, magazines, telephone, fax, internet, billboards, and newspapers[1].
Media, in all its forms, is the major source of information transfer and, in some cases, entertainment. Information manipulates ideas, and, hence, shapes the minds of people who receive it. Thus, we can easily conclude that whoever controls the media controls the minds of the people who mainly depend on media for information[2]. There are several different forms of media. Information which is transmitted electronically is known as electronic media or broad cast media. Electronic media consists of television, radio, movies, CDs, DVDs, and other devices
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It is impossible to ignore the positive and negative influences of media among societies, because nowadays, the whole world is under the influence of mass media, run by a select few famous corporations from across the globe. In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that just as every coin has two sides, media has both its advantages and disadvantages. It seems that the advantages of the media outweigh the disadvantages, as media is a great way of spreading ideas, concepts, and information, not only locally, but internationally. Thus, our society should allow the influence of media on our lives, but be constantly aware of its disadvantages. It is now the responsibility of government to set proper laws for the development of the ethical monitoring of media. The major tasks of these laws should be to develop a positive impact of media among the whole society, as media is the most powerful tool responsible for developing a great impact on our

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