Write An Essay About The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mediation

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What is Mediation? Prior to the parties getting involved in a mediation session it is understood that the parties are in agreeance to coming together as a means to promote and to bring forward a resolution. Anything that occurs within the session is understood to be confidential and if a party in any way shape or form feels that they no longer want to continue with the process, they have every right to end everything at that point in time. Mediation is a different yet effective way to resolve problems where the parties bring about their own solution to their problem contrary to going in front of a judge or an arbitrator whom will have full control and decide on behalf of you. Mediation helps the parties involved reach a final solution through a mutual and voluntary agreement, this is exactly what makes mediation a process that should be looked into if the situation permits it. There are many advantages to mediation and the following are some: • Time – less time spent mediating than it does to try a case where there will be a discovery period, direct and cross examination, objections, opening and closing statements, expert witnesses (if any), witnesses, interpreter, jury trial, and possibly an appeal. Mediation session will also be scheduled within a time frame where the parties are free and able to come together, contrary to a court date …show more content…

The parties and the mediator could potentially be across the world visiting family, working, or vacationing and still be able to go through the e-mediation process. Further, the distance also aids in the preservation of the divorce dispute being “business-like” in nature which will allow for the parties to come to terms during the process and in any future communication, if children are in the mix of the divorce. This business-like effect also allows for any hostility to be neutralized and in scenarios where domestic violence is present e-mediation is

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