Advantages And Disadvantages Of Medical Expert System

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An expert system (ES) is an intelligent software application that mimics the decision-making capacity of a human expert. The expert system represents the knowledge acquired by human experts as rules " If Conditions Then Action" in the computer. There are several diverse areas in medical field where expert system are used successfully like diagnosis, patient monitoring, treatment of illness, prognosis, determining risk of disease, determination of drug dose. Systems from the 1970s, which inspire the modern systems, provide a useful overview of the origin of work on medical expert system. Three of those systems still are prevalent today. They are Dombal’s system for diagnosis of abdominal pain [2], Shortliffe’s MYCIN system for diagnosis of the causes of infections, treatment and education [3], and the HELP system for delivery of inpatient medical alerts [4]. Most of the expert systems support deterministic reasoning, but some use fuzzy rules to support reasoning under uncertainty [5]. medical expert systems are used successfully in disease diagnosis like cardiovascular disease, endocrine diseases, diabetes, tumour, etc.[6]. From the literature, expert systems based on rules seem to be the most preferred to the researchers since they matches with the human’s natural reasoning process. Their disadvantage is the challenge in programming the knowledge into rules when the data is large [7]. B. Mobile-based medical expert system It is seen that the diversity of studies is
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