Advantages And Disadvantages Of Microbes

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In this essay I will be talking about microbes, and also some advantages and disadvantage of microbes for human body, and for course some examples, and the most important thing in this essay for me is the environmental effects of the bacteria and microbes.
Microbes are tiny organisms, a single cell (unicellular), cell Cluster or Multicellular. Microbes are very diverse including bacteria, fungi,etc… that can be found in the air, soil, water and in our body, Microbes can always be bad or good, they can make us sick and can help us in many ways.1 2

How do microbes interact with humans?
Because of the presence of microbes in all human life, there is constant interaction between microbes and humans. The bacteria in the body are became
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How can bacterias help the environment?
We all know that the bacterias can cause a lot of problem to us like diseases, deaths etc… but bacteria is a very important thing for our environment in this days. For example Cleaning oil spills, Cleaning pollution and producing electricity, Dwelling Bacteria kills cancer. etc...5

How can Bacteria help cleaning oil spills? Title- Oil Spills
Some type of bacteria are very helpful in cleaning up oil spills. Crude oil is one of the rich sources of food for the bacterias. Also, when an area is filled with a large amount of hydrocarbons (in the form of oil spills, and that is crude oil) and is provided with nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous, it can becomes breeding ground for the bacteria. Once they clean up the spilled oil these bacteria die a natural death and do not cause any harm to the natural environment.5

How can bacteria clean the pollution and generate

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