Advantages And Disadvantages Of Microsoft Office

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Microsoft Office alternatives

MS Office is the ruling King among other programs. It is one of the software applications that any computer should definitely have. It is considered to be because of the purpose served by it. This software is real need for all kind of Users like school going kids for doing assignments to office-goers for PowerPoint presentation, Document Preparation, Calculation in Spreadsheets etc.
Yet it is replaced by various alternatives that are opted at no cost. People who use MS Office on daily basis will not find the cost charged to be a burden; however there are many substitutes available for who find the cost as a snag. Please be noted that these are absolutely free 

Some of the top alternatives of Microsoft
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The core suite includes Writer, Calc (Spreadsheets), Impress (Presentations), Draw, Math, Base. LibreOffice is updated at regular intervals which come with quick access toolbar that makes editing and formatting easier. There is also an option of exporting the word documents in form of PDFs. Like all other word processor, Libre office checks grammar and spelling in the document.

• Apache Open Office: This completely free feature has less updates than LibreOffice but has a greater stability than the former. Even Open office has the same six core apps like Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math, Base and the Interface is also very similar. It is supported in Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP as well as Linux and Mac operating systems. This is a portable device which can be removed from USB device or Cloud storage device. Open Office also supports a huge number of other formats like SWF, PPT, PPS, XLS, XML, XLW, DBF, DOC, and POTX etc. However, it lacks some features like Live word counts in
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It helps in creating online documents without downloading any software. It can be done by just accessing the Google account. The core suits are Build Document, Presentation, Spread sheet that replaces MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel respectively. Files created are automatically saved to the Google account and can be accessed from any browser at any time. It is easy to share with other users also (Not necessary to be Google user)

• Microsoft Office Online: Even then it is not a literal alternative for MS office; it is termed to be MS Office Online as it is powered by Microsoft. It allows the user to access Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and Excel at Online with free of cost. Products that is viable with MS Office works with this alternative. Files can be edited and saved to the Desktop or in One Drive.

• OnlyOffice Personal: This is same kind of Online feature which allows the user to access Online programs from any browser. Just by logging into Facebook, Google, or OnlyOffice account the user can create Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. Chat, Co-editing, spell check are added features in this

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