Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Grooming

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Option 3. Mobile grooming

Setting up your own mobile grooming business can range from grooming a dog in your customer’s own home to showing up with your own van or trailer and parking it in their drive or on the street. You will need a driving licence. If you groom in their own home, you will need to transport your portable table, dryer and tools.

I know of some groomers who don’t even bother with a portable table. They just groom the dog on the customer’s covered kitchen or dining room table. This is at the ‘lower’ end of a mobile grooming business. It sounds a bit amateur and there are certainly safety risks with this. But nothing says it can’t be done, especially if you are catering to smaller, easy-to-handle dogs. It might make for some
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The pros and cons of mobile grooming


• Generally manageable start-up costs. You can often find a used fully kitted-out mobile grooming trailer or van for a reasonable price – just keep your eyes open and do your research

• You aren’t tied into any long-term lease with a landlord

• You get to be your own boss and work for yourself, by yourself, or even alternate your days with a business partner

• You can charge a premium for your grooming because you save your customer the trouble of having to travel to a salon, fight the traffic, find a parking spot etc.

• You enjoy driving. You get to know the neighbourhood. You can drive to a park and advertise your services

• Your van or trailer should be liveried (branded) so that everywhere you drive you are advertising your services. You won’t have to worry too much about other forms of advertising, like newspaper ads – although it will be helpful to have leaflets printed to hand out when people approach you in your van

• If business is good in a certain geographic area, and you have built up your customer database and now have a recognised brand, you can think about expanding (adding another van with a trained groomer who works for you) or opening your own salon in physical

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