Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Learning

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1. Introduction The current concentration on technology creates new challenges for universities and higher educational institutes, which consider the potential of mobile learning as a subset of e-learning to increase thetransformation paradigm. They are facing exponential increases in demand for a higher level university education due to the crucial global competition between the universities, changing of the nature of understanding and observing knowledge and increasing student perspectives as well as improving student technological knowledge and skills. The combination of wireless services and computer devices has driven revolutional change and educational attention. It allows the student freedom to use it wherever and whenever it is needed, as it is affordable, effective, and easy to use. They consentrate on the major advantages extended to the e-learning system by offering many learning opportunities, such as access to online learning resources,contact withlecturers and guidance andfeedback, allowing more time to be spent on learning using available devices.However, m-learningis still in the very early stages of development, particularly in higher educational environments, and there is an existing gap between what is offered and what has been used. 2. Related Works Jacob and Isaac (2008a) investigated the concepts of mobile learning for higher education and discussed the potential of different wireless technologies. They conducted a survey to find and analyse the
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