Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Learning

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Over the years mobile learning has become a 'talk of the town ' for tutors, students, educational institutions, parents, scholars and many others. It has become almost an indispensable part of every student 's daily life. But the question here is what actually Mobile Learning is? Mobile learning is the most advanced technological development made in today 's world. It refers to the interaction of a student with his or her educational resources through a portable device such as a smart phone. It also involves conveniently viewing your course work, lecture notes or assignments from any location. M – Learning reduces your dependence on your home computer and extends your reliability and accessibility with which you connect to the internet and access information. However, M – Learning has both advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, M – Learning gives students living in remote areas an easy multimedia platform to register for any course they 're interested in with an online university or educational institution. This has brought about a tremendous change as it empowers students living in backward areas to take up their studies with more enthusiasm. It gives them a chance to become learned and civilized scholars despite of their environmental conditions. On top of that, the cost associated with M – Learning is typically less. There are many online courses that cost a lot. But M – Learning tailors specific course requirements that suit you. M – Learning as a platform
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