Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Marketing

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Mobile Marketing is one of the marketing tool which involves communication with consumers or companies via electronic devices such as mobile phone, tablet etc. It delivers messages, advertisments, news and information to the targets. Mobile Marketing came up with a huge amount of advantages like easy to work with. However, it has some disadvantages in the mean time such as it is too diverse. While the disadvantages there are couple of challenges which Mobile Marketing has to face in the future. Mobile Marketing gave a big impact to the market and the companies, but also including the negative impact. We will explain the pros and cons, the impact of Mobile Marketing in the following paragraghs. Advantages of Mobile Marketing Instant results…show more content…
For instance, a medium size hotel is promoting their hotel on Internet but they do not have a specific clue to do this kind of things. Which department should the General Manager pass this job to when there is no professional in the hotel? The General Manager should pass it to the Sales & Marketing department or the Public Relation department. Sales & Marketing has their strategy however they do not have these experience, Public Relation do the public work and the press release etc. Who is suitable for this job is a big challenge for the market because there are not enough staff and…show more content…
He can print out some leaflet but it is high costing. He decided to go to Facebook a do some promotion but in a long term when he wants his restaurant business get bigger, Facebook is not enough . He needs more specific strategy for the business. Impact of Mobile Commerce Positive impact Convenient for consumers ¼ of all shopping on Black Friday in 2012 was done on mobile and tablet devices1 72% tablet owners make purchase from their devices on a weekly basis2 Make more business Comapanies make more business while using Mobile Marketing. As we mention on top about the advantages. It is easier to track the customers. 71% mobile purchasing decisions are most influenced by email for companies3 Impact of Mobile Commerce Positive impact Influence the market People can do stuffs on their mobile devices, everything seems to be easiler. For example, reserve a restaurant table, book a hotel room, give feedbacks etc. There are more online mobile platform came out like TripAdvisor, Skyscanner... Negative impact Poor design While there are many mobile commerce in the market but there are still a group of advertisments are not effctive at all.

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