Advantages And Disadvantages Of Modern Communication Technology

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INTRODUCTION Hook: In today’s world, people can not imagine their our life without modern communication technology. It has made our live easier and quicker. Background information: . Modern technology increases human capabilities and this technology has evolved with years. Indeed, communication technology is an expression for a variety of communication devices, applications, services and network. In simpler terms, it is describes any communication device or application : mobile phones, computer, network , TV, radio, hardware and software as well as distance learning and videoconferencing. Thesis statement: While many of these changes come with benefits, there are also disadvantages. Chưa phân biệt rõ ý nghĩa 3 phần của Introduction, viết lại theo hướng dẫn…show more content…
It has brought a lot of privacy issues. For example, email , account social networks can be hacked. These are a problem when speaking about e-mails, hackers can send viruses, other problematic e-mails to your e-mail. Furthermore people feel worried about their own private information become public. Specifically: image, status in social networks are shown out community. • Support: As reported by the WHO, mobile phone radio frequency increasing the risk of cancer. Almost time the young peoples favorite among regular chatting and gazing in social networks, mobile phone makes sleep disorders. People drive or while crossover the road, mobile phone can be a potential distraction. A lot of research showing an increased risk of traffic accidents. Unfortunately, instead of doing every day, people use mobile phone to web surfing, read e book, text, the glaring screen influence a lot of strain on your eyes. It is dangerous if people available 24/7 their mobile phone is responsible for increasing stress level. As an example: Mental diseases, especially the Internet addiction on
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